Elevating Excellence in Sports Organisations

Sport ERP specializes in conducting comprehensive performance reviews for national and international government bodies, focusing on performance pathways, coaching and athlete development practices, and educational systems. Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, offering both remote and on-the-ground support to elevate your organization to its highest potential.

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Our Performance Review Services

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Performance Pathways

  • Detailed evaluation of current performance pathways.
  • Recommendations for optimizing talent identification and development.
  • Customized strategies for long-term athlete success.
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Coaching and Development Practices Review:

  • In-depth assessment of coaching methodologies and practices.
  • Professional development plans for coaches at all levels.
  • Integration of latest coaching technologies and techniques.
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Development Evaluation:

  • Comprehensive analysis of athlete training and development programs.
  • Strategies for enhancing physical, mental, and technical skills of athletes.
  • Implementation of injury prevention and wellness programs.
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  • Review of current educational and support structures for athletes.
  • Development of holistic educational approaches, including life skills and career planning.
  • Tailored recommendations to align educational goals with athletic pursuits.

Why Choose Sport ERP for Performance Reviews?


Our track record with national and international bodies speaks to our capability and reliability. 

Innovative Methodologies:

We leverage the latest technologies and research to provide cutting-edge solutions.


From initial assessment to implementation of recommendations, we offer end-to-end support.

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