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Years of research as the backbone

Sport ERP was created after years of research of the ideal pathway for development of athletes, coaches and organisations. 

It all started as a research project on justification of the sustainable pathway of athlete development across multiple sports. However, once you have an idea start from an athlete point, the coaches development pathway needed to be re-defined and later on the organisational challenges of a sport organisations were addressed. 

Sport ERP is a years long journey on the mission to create and justify such frameworks across multiple sports understanding in depth what is needed for such development as well as the practical considerations behind it. 

The framework underpinning Sport ERP as a product is being used in badminton, football, cricket and is soon going to be tested in netball, tennis and fitness. 

The digital products are slowly growing from the ground up, organically with real users behind and a set of projects with top national and international government and independent sport organisations.